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Are humans anti-trees?

Recently I read about historical geology and was amazed by the formation of coal, a story in the history of evolution about persistent market incompleteness that lasted for over 60 million years in the Carboniferous Period. Around 360 million years ago... (To be continued...)

Does the coal-rock boundary imply a technological revolution or a planet-level shock?

Unsupervised machine translation shares a key idea with the deciphering of the Egyptian hieroglyphs...

How would you interpret hieroglyphs like this?

Why are some of the hottest apps in China not successful abroad? 

I had imagined that as globalization overwhelms every consumer around the world, any brand-new Internet product should find itself either welcomed or disliked by homo sapiens regardless of their countries of origin, such as TikTok or Google. However, some products or designs seem to succeed persistently in some countries but not others. I found four products common in China but not in the U.S. I think they stem from similar reasons, but I am not sure about that reason: (a) danmaku, (b) live-streaming e-commerce, (c) website design with colorful and numerous distractions, and (d) super-apps that cover every corner of your life. (To be continued...)

A TV-series scene with danmaku, featuring Zhang Fei

Authors: Sergio Correia, Stephan Luck, and Emil Verner 

Although cities suffered from considerable economic loss during the 1918 Flu, those who acted more quickly saw a more rapid recovery...

Authors: Antoinette Schoar and Ru Hong

Have you ever wondered if credit card companies send the same set of card advertisement designs to everyone in your neighborhood? Not really, as researchers found...

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